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Maintenance & Support - Amnesty Promotion

Back-pay Penalty and Payment Waiver

Promotion Ends 31 December 2020

  • Existing customers with expired Maintenance & Support Agreements, or who have never had a Maintenance & Support Agreement.
  • Automation and Enterprise Editions.
  • v9.x and above.

Purchase a 3-year Standard Maintenance & Support Agreement and we'll waive back-pay as well as the 25% back-pay penalty from the date of the first activation and/or back to the original expiry date.

Purchasing a Standard Maintenance & Support Agreement ensures that you get the most out of your software investment and will be able to continue to experience our high level of BarTender support:

  • Phone, chat, email and online support during business hours
  • Access to both Edition and Printer Upgrades
  • Access to Free version Updates

This Amnesty Promotion is a great way to be ready for our most feature-rich BarTender 2021 version available in November 2020.

Standard Maintenance & Support

      End of Support and End of Sale Dates