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SSCC and Cross Dock Labelling Solution

SSCC and Cross Dock Labelling with Data Entry Form and Database

Exclusive to BarTender Software Australia


  • Easy-to-use solution producing accurate and GS1 compliant SSCC labels.
  • Dynamic Data Entry Form.
  • Point-and-Click Printing with Print Station, an efficient and secure (password protected) interactive browser interface for selecting and printing labels.
  • Embedded Database for improved security and reliability or external applications like Excel or Access.
  • Requires the latest release of BarTender 2019 Professional Edition or above.
  • To automate and integrate with back-end system(s) requires the latest release of BarTender 2019 Automation Edition or above.

Accurate and GS1 Compliant SSCC Labels

  • Generates copies of labels for shipment of one or multiple pallets, each label set with a unique SSCC.
  • Creates labels for both Single Product Pallet and Mixed Product Pallet.
  • Allows for labeling of products from a 3rd party using that 3rd party’s GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and Product Description.
  • Functionality to accommodate multiple sites / locations.
  • Adds company logo to the label (available upon request).
  • Applies a series of Application Identifiers (AI) and Company Prefix which is globally unique and cannot be duplicated.
  • Advanced barcode symbology serialization.
  • Calculates Check Digit.
  • Reproduction of a unique SSCC label (duplicate) requires administrator rights permission.
  • Cross Dock Labelling

    Prints to any printer that has a Windows-based driver including PDF:

    • Thermal Label Printer (103mm x 150mm labels on a roll)
    • Laser / Inkjet Printer (A5 sheet labels)
    • PDF (generate PDFs without installing third-party PDF drivers)

    Data Entry Form

    • Company Name and Company Number
    • Pack and Country Code
    • Single Product Pallet / Mixed Product Pallet
    • Content
    • Date (Production, Packaging, Best Before, Sell By, Expiration)
    • Quantity / Count
    • Batch / Lot / Serial Number


    • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
    • Product Description

    Professional Services

    • Installation, configuration, training
    • Remote / online
    • Mandatory
    Allocating an SSCC and Logistics Label
    GS1 Fact Sheet