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BarTender Cloud Editions and Features

BarTender Cloud provides a simple, easy yet powerful online labelling solution with zero footprint, 99.9% availability and secure, scalable, anywhere, anytime printing.

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 Cloud Edition Essentials Automation
Secure, scalable, anywhere, anytime online printing Yes Yes
99.9% availability Yes Yes
Zero footprint Yes Yes
Intelligent Printing - no printer driver management required Yes Yes
Priced per number of printed items - annual subscription (SaaS) Yes Yes
Unlimited number of free users Yes Yes
Unlimited number of free printer seats Yes Yes
Connect to cloud databases Yes Yes
File Drop integration Yes
Account storage size 2GB 5GB
Support Essential Standard
Premium Support Available
True mobile cloud printing Yes Yes
Template Library Yes Yes
Template Assistant Yes Yes
Data Entry Forms Yes Yes
Serialization Yes Yes
Embedded data and database tables Yes Yes
Track and compare label revisions Yes Yes
Label revisions audit trial Yes Yes
Role-based user history dashboard Yes Yes
Configure site branding Yes Yes