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BarTender Software for Weighing Scales

A weighing scale is a hardware measuring device used to determine the weight of objects. Scales are commonly used in production and/or industrial environments, as many retail products are sold based on the net weight of the object.

You can connect your weighing scale to BarTender and print the weight of objects on a BarTender document. You don't have to physically see the scale to capture and print weight; the actual weighing of objects can be done by someone else. Instead, you can add an interactive visual representation of the scale, called a scale display control, to a data entry form in your BarTender document. The scale display control shows the weight currently applied to the scale. The control is connected to an object on your template where the weight will eventually print. At print-time, the scale display control captures the measured weight and inserts it into the control's linked template object. You can tailor the capture-and-print process to your company's needs.

If you have a high-volume business that weighs many products per day from a remote warehouse, you can configure BarTender to capture and print the weight automatically, each time a stable weight is detected.

If you run a small business and you weigh each item by hand, you can capture the weight manually and print with a mouse click when you are satisfied with it.

Scale support is offered in the Automation and Enterprise Automation editions of BarTender.

BarTender natively support, connect and interface to weighing scales from the following manufacturers:

  • A&D
  • Adam AZextra
  • Adam Equipment
  • Dbal
  • DIGI
  • Epelsa
  • Fairbanks
  • Janner Waagen
  • Marel
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Ohaus
  • Rice Lake
  • Scanvaegt
  • Soehnle