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BarTender Maintenance Amnesty Promotion

Deadline extended until Friday April 5, 2019.

Dear Customer,

We are happy to inform you about the upcoming new release of BarTender in 2019. In addition to exciting new features that will make BarTender easier to use and more powerful than ever, this upcoming release will include market pricing adjustments and policy changes, including support program enhancements.

To ensure you are not disappointed and to easily migrate to the new BarTender version when it is released next year, we are offering existing BarTender customers with expired maintenance plans, or who have never had a maintenance plan, the following maintenance promotion:

Offer – Purchase a 3-year maintenance plan and pay no back maintenance.

Take advantage of this promotion now as they are only available through end of December 31, 2018.

Don’t miss out. The promotion is a great way for you to be ready for the anticipated BarTender release. Purchasing a maintenance plan now will protect you against any future price increases and ensure that will be able to continue to experience the level of BarTender support you are accustomed to today.

Act now to ensure you are ready for BarTender 2019.

In short, here we listed the points after release of BarTender 2019.

  1. Pricing adjustments, policies changes, support program enhancements.
  2. Existing BarTender customers who wish to upgrade to the latest version of BarTender, add-on printers or receive live technical support will require an active paid support plan
  3. Promotion benefits: using current price to keep your BarTender support level; and
  4. Purchase a 3-year maintenance plan without payback
  5. The promotion is only running till end of this year, which is 31st of December 2018.